Lifestyle training is based on three obvious pillars:

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Stress management



Bewegter Alltag

Everyday life in motion

Mental stability and emotional balance release undreamt-of powers. When we are mentally awake and vital, we are open to new perspectives. When we are angry, anxious or tense, we lose sight of these possibilities. Our mind becomes entangled in a power-sapping restlessness, supposedly simple situations overtax us.

In lifestyle training I first identify stressors and stress behavior with you. From this we determine your individual goals for mental stability, inner balance and a more mindful awareness. In order to support you in realizing these goals, we train different techniques on the cognitive, emotional and physical level.

Nutrition is far more than satisfying hunger. It provides us with energy on a physical, mental and emotional level. With the right nutrients we improve our well-being and strengthen the substance of our body. In order to feel young and vital for a long time, we support the body in detoxification processes, which is becoming more and more important due to the increasing environmental pollution.


Together we reflect and optimize your eating habits so that you develop a feeling for what is good for your body and what is not. In the course of the lifestyle training we establish your personal diet, with which you can really feel comfortable.

Our body wants to move! Inactivity lets us "rust in" - inside as well as outside - we lose quality of life and joie de vivre. Sport and exercise are excellent opportunities to release the body's own energy resources. They are also a prerequisite for a functioning metabolism and thus for a healthy and efficient organism.

Together we analyze your movement behavior and your posture patterns. According to your wishes, I will establish suitable sports and posture training activities with you, which you can integrate playfully and effectively into your professional and private everyday life.

“Anke has conveyed her very well-founded and specific knowledge in a way that suits my needs and is easy to understand. She pointed out different possibilities and we put together a suitable package over the training period, which I continue to integrate super in my everyday life. The training was very valuable for me and finally gave me a much higher quality of life.”  
— Ute, Director Product and Merchandise Management

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