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Training your own lifestyle


Life …

Our organism is an impressively powerful and perfectly tuned system. It needs energy, but is also able to provide resources that we perceive as vitality, alertness, strength and joie de vivre. In lifestyle training we discover our own sources of strength and begin to activate them. You learn to lose less energy in your everyday life and to create more vitality. 

... in balance

As your personal lifestyle trainer, I will accompany you in a competent and humane manner. I know the requirements of a performance-oriented environment and have established a lifestyle for myself that gives energy rather than robs you of strength. From this I have developed a simple methodology which can be easily integrated into everyday life and which supports you in finding your personal balance.

“Instead of strict rules, the focus was on becoming aware of one's own needs. Mrs. Herms succeeded in communicating the fun of healthy eating. Not only have my health problems improved considerably as a result of her programme, but I feel much better overall and enjoy a better quality of life. I can only thank Mrs Herms from the bottom of my heart.” 
—  Christine, Dipl. Psychologist

Try it for yourself!

Free info talk

I offer you a noncommittal, free information talk, so that we can get to know each other in peace—the time frame is about 20 minutes.

Are you ready for more fitness, health and well-being?​



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