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Feel good yoga


Welcome to  Heart Coherence Yoga.

Your heart emits the strongest electromagnetic field in your body. It can be measured several meters beyond your body limits.  

Just like a stone thrown into water creates waves, love and positive feelings create vibrations and rhythms in the heart that create health and well-being in our body.

Positive emotions strengthen and protect your body.

By focusing on positive emotions, you strengthen your immune system.

Positive emotions help your brain make good decisions.

Negative emotions cause chaos in our nervous system - positive emotions bring inner order.

I cordially invite you to Feel Good Yoga. Together we cultivate this inner state.


We fill our hearts, strengthen our musculoskeletal system, improve respiratory function, balance our nervous system and increase our general wellbeing.

Afterwards there is still time for everyone who wants to chat in comfort.

I am very happy for you!

photo_2021-12-13 19.43.47.jpeg
“Instead of strict rules, the focus was on becoming aware of one's own needs. Mrs. Herms succeeded in communicating the fun of healthy eating. Not only have my health problems improved considerably as a result of her programme, but I feel much better overall and enjoy a better quality of life. I can only thank Mrs Herms from the bottom of my heart.” 
—  Christine, Dipl. Psychologist
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