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Holistic corporate fitness –
for a healthy team

Invest in your staff:

With live online courses, outdoor courses and on-site activities.

A healthy, efficient and agile team is a key success factor for your company.


More and more people are working from home. What seems incredibly efficient at first glance, however, can bring numerous problems in the long run.


In group and individual training sessions, I teach your employees what really matters when it comes to health and prevention in everyday working life. Together we reflect on health-related stress factors and work out solutions - in the workplace or in the home office.

Bewegter Alltag

Back problems and stress-related tension lead the most frequent reasons for sick leave.


More and more people suffer from the consequences of chronic stress, which often leads to burnout.


Civilisation diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular problems are promoted by a lack of exercise coupled with an unhealthy diet.

Preventive action is a win-win strategy: healthy people contribute significantly to the company's success, because they are demonstrably more satisfied, motivated and productive.

Healthy and full of energy with
holistic approach


My approach aims to achieve sustainable behavioural change.


Everyday physical activity, healthy nutrition and stress management & mindset

are the supporting pillars. Combined correctly, they promote an optimal balance between performance and recovery phases and resilience. "Strengthen Immune System" offers a special combination of these areas. 


Together we create a tailor-made concept for your workplace health management:

1. Select type of training

Live Online-Sessions

On-site at the company

On-site at the company

Individual training or group sessions available in German and English, on-site units in compliance with hygiene regulations.

2. Create training

+ Mindfulness 

+ Meditation

+ Personality Coaching

+ Burn-out prevention

+ Energy management (maintaining/increasing energy levels & losing less energy)

+ Breathing techniques

+ Laughter yoga

+ Mindfulness 

+ Meditation

+ Personality Coaching

+ Burn-out prevention

+ Energy management (maintaining/increasing energy levels & losing less energy)

+ Breathing techniques

+ Laughter yoga

Everyday life in motion

+ Back fitness
+ Yoga (breathing techniques, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Laughter Yoga)
+ Functional Training
+ Mindful Fitness
+ Ergonomics at the workplace


+ Elements of a healthy diet
+ Eating behaviour in relation to stress
+ Energy management and nutrition
+ Nutrition that strengthens the immune system

+ Detox

Strengthen immune system

+ Nutrition including special supplements

+ stress management

+ active daily life

+ immune-stimulating behaviours and measures

3. Procedure

Schritt 1


We have a free info talk - to make an appointment, contact me.

Schritt 1


You select the desired training areas according to your individual requirements and needs.

Schritt 1


Within 48 hours you will receive a tailor-made offer from me. 

Schritt 1


We set the detailed parameters upon conclusion of the contract.

Corporate health management is a
long-term investment in your team members

Your employees are the most valuable resource for your company. Invest in the health of your team members - so that they can develop their full potential and contribute significantly to the success of the company.



This is how you benefit as a company:

Employee health is supported by taxation in many countries, for Germany and Austria details here

A higher level of health results in fewer sick days and increased productivity - and ultimately in a better bottom line.

With company fitness you consolidate your position as an attractive employer.

Group training increases team spirit as well as identification with the employer.

Satisfied, balanced and healthier employees are more productive and carry out their tasks with motivation and commitment. 

Get your team through the crisis with holistic
company fitness well through the crisis!

The current situation requires flexibility and dedication:
my offer helps with this - in the home office or back in the office.


Support your staff right now, when private life and everyday working life collide: with workplace health management (WHM), you make a decisive contribution to getting your staff through the crisis in a mentally and physically healthy way! 

I look forward to supporting your team members in taking charge of their health in a sustainable and self-empowering way!

Anke Herms

Förderungen für Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement

Die nachfolgend aufgelisteten Stellen verschaffen Ihnen einen Überblick zu Förderungen und steuerlichen Vorteilen:

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