Your individual lifestyle training

When planning, carrying out and evaluating the training, your individual state of health, your professional and everyday requirements as well as your personal goals and wishes have the highest priority. Only what really suits your everyday life will be of long-term benefit.

Our individual training takes place at your home, via Skype or, as far as possible, at your workplace. Right from the start, you are responsible for taking part in the planning of your training.

Live easier, better and healthier in 7 weeks.

Introductory talk and first training impulse: 90 min.


Training sessions: 6 á 45 min, once a week or by arrangement


written feedback and working material included
(worksheets, video recording if useful)

1.124,50 Euro incl. VAT. 

Additional units can be booked by arrangement at the rate of 160.00 euros incl. VAT.

For your information: In order for coaching to be recognized for tax purposes and deductible via income-related expenses, the reason for participation must be professionally oriented. 


Developing social competence, learning positive stress management, healthy leadership and self-leadership are criteria as well as mindful communication. 


Important: the method and the coaching must have an impact on the professional scope of action! Of course, the private sphere of life is always affected as well and is taken into account in our coaching. 

For the recognition as professional expenses, the further development of professional competence (also soft skills) is indispensable.