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Hi, I'm Anke.

The fascination for the secrets of a long and happy life has moved me since I can think.

I am convinced that a holistic and conscious lifestyle is the basis for well-being and vitality.


To accompany people individually there and to develop their impressive potential together motivates me and makes me happy.


My goal is that we simply feel good in every personal life and work situation, in every phase of our lives.


My professional experience as a doctor, a regular activity as a medical lecturer and education in the field of fitness training have flowed into the development of my methodology of lifestyle training.


My personal background allows me to combine current scientific findings with consciousness-raising and body-centered principles. Essential to this is the creation of heart coherence - the state in which heart, mind and emotions work together energetically and which is accompanied by a very special feeling of well-being.


My music also triggers this feeling in many people:


"Anke's music makes you feel safe and secure. It is heartwarming, relaxing, invites you to dream and simply gives you a good feeling."


I do what I love and in doing so, I constantly rediscover: life is limitless and wonderful - and so are we. 


State Examination in Human Medicine

University of Erlangen


Fitness trainer A-License

Academy for Sport and Health, Munich

Licence to practise medicine

Government Lower Franconia

Personal trainer

Academy for Sport and Health, Munich

Yoga teacher


qualified to register with Yoga Alliance

Additional designation Manual Medicine and Chirotherapy

Bavarian Medical Seminar for Manual Medicine, Munich, Germany

Medical fitness trainer

Academy for Sport and Health, Munich

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